{ playlist & get toned }

I've gotten some emails lately asking what's on my ipod when I'm working out. I have a pretty eclectic mix of Fergie, Gwen Stephanie, Jay Z, Britney Spears {yes, I admit I listen to Britney but ONLY when I workout :-) }, Justin Timberlake, etc.

I'm going to download this playlist that I found on Tracy Anderson's (celebrity fitness trainer with Madonna & Gweneth Paltrow as clients) website.

  1. Come to me (Peace): Mary J Blige
  2. Jump (Extended): Madonna
  3. Beware of the dog: Jamelia
  4. Numb/Encore: Jay-Z & Linkin Park
  5. Give it up: Pharell Williams & Twista
  6. Little lover's so polite (The gray area remix): Silver Sun Pickups
  7. Don't stop the music (Solitaire's more drama remix): Rihanna
  8. Break the ice: Britney Spears
  9. Give it to me (Dance remix) (Matrix & Dapp work your body mix) Timbaland feat Justin
  10. Lose Control (feat Ciara & Fat Man Scoop): Missy Elliott
  11. Ring the alarm( Freemasons club mix): Beyonce
Speaking of her, she has a fitness routine & diet detailed here. Not enough food for me, but some good tips overall and a good 6 minute workout video recap on the main page (upper right hand corner) of her website. But then again, if it makes ME look like that, I'll give it a go! :-) I think I'll try these exercises this afternoon.

What tunes motivate you to work out?

* update - did the moves in her workout video - 50-100 reps and felt it burn. As with any training or health advice, take everything you read with a grain of salt and do your own research. I am in no way advocating for any of my readers to go on this diet or do this workout - I just happened to stumble upon it via Fit Sugar today and thought some of the advice & exercises were worth passing along!


Sarah said...

Anything by Michael Franti!!

Anonymous said...

okay, as someone who works in the fitness/wellness industry - I would never recommend this diet unless you are preparing for a body building competition.

Hardly anyone could follow that diet - way too restrictive. And, I have never heard of not using spices for fear of bloating and upsetting your digestive system.

Even if someone lost weight on this diet, they would have a very hard time maintaining it. I'd be curious as to what Ms. Anderson's credientials are.

besides no coffee or alcohol - no thanks!

LobotoME said...

Hi ~~ Yes, I would agree that this diet is too restrictive and not "enough" to fuel anyone for a 60 minute per day cardio workout PLUS strength training. I did do her abs, arms & leg workout as demonstrated on her video this afternoon and liked it and could feel it burn! And as far as her credentials goes, who knows! :-) Other than Madonna's personal trainer! LOL!

J :)

Anonymous said...

sorry, if I "went off", I just get tired of the quick fix diets instead of making positive lifestyle changes that can be maintained for a lifetime : )

jennah said...

She's ripped! I usually eat about that amt. but don't do 60 min. of cardio a day plus strength stuff.

LobotoME said...

I agree that people shouldn't resort to quick fix diets but I think the overall idea with this was workout daily (& to FUN music which will help with motivation), watch what you eat and do it forever hopefully! I'm certainly not advocating anyone go on a crash diet or anything like that. I think you need to exercise, eat healthy and take your vitamins! And whatever approach or method you use to achieve your optimal health is great!

J :)

JW said...

I rock out to the black eyed peas -Just Pump it LOUDER, Pump it LOUDER! woo hoo! :)

Hey - have you ever heard of Beachbody.com? Great company with in home fitness programs. I lost 50+ pounds after both boys following their programs and maintained my fitness mainly with Power 90 along with playing outside - I love to play!! Just something fun - I have ALL the programs so if you have any questions, holler!

Jorge said...

Hi , i came across your blog searching for work out song. The Give it to me mix you have listed i have been looking for it all over the web and i cant seem to find it anywhere. If by any chance you could point me in the right direction from which cd it is from or anything or maybe send me the mp3.

I appreciate it.
Thank you,