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photo courtesy of Blue Lily Photography.

First things first. No sweet bebe boy yet. The contractions have halted and the {big guy} is in there quite possible for a few more weeks. I say big because at Sara's last ultrasound over a month ago he was over 7 lbs and kicked so hard he BROKE one of her ribs {ouch}. So, we will continue to exude patience {yeah right} and pray for a healthy boy soon. ps - we have decided on a name. We are going to hame him William Henry VI (after Will of course). I wanted to call him Sixx, but no one thinks that is as funny/cute as I do. Samme wants to call him {little Willy} but that won't be so cute when he gets older! lol! So we've decided on {Henry}. But, not Hank. Let's make that clear upfront. However, his nickname might very well be HULK depending on his size at birth! I'll keep you posted. But thank you again for all of your well wishes! Oh and I've updated our personal blog with recent photos if you are interested.

Speaking of baby #2 on the way...This baby is like starting over in many ways. As it has been 4 1/2 years since we had an infant and over 2 1/2 years since we've changed a diaper. All of the baby stuff we used with Samme has been passed on to family & friends, so we do need to gather some new things. I'm working very hard to keep it simple and not go overboard (crib, dresser -also use as changing table, diapers, wipes, basic onesies, sling, etc.) But I will admit that I did find myself in the babyGAP while in Boulder buying this this and this. I couldn't resist.
{More on my attempts to not accumulate un-needed baby stuff soon ...is it even possible? Oh and pics of the nursery in the works soon... }

Okay, so the winning bidder for the Nie Nie auction is ACBritt! Please email ME your email address and I'll let you know who/how to send payment to the Nielson's recovery fund. I will get your sanity saving prize package in the mail the week of 9/22. Thank you all for your support!

Some good news on the Nielson's recovery here and a wonderful article in the NY Times about the blogging {communities} efforts to help the Nielson family here. Another great article here. And a great video of the Today Show interview here. I've been so inspired by the outpouring of support & love for Stephanie and her family. You know how I always say "delete blogs that don't inspire you to be a better person, a better mother, a better wife, a better friend." Well if I had to choose only ONE blog to read for the rest of my life, it would be hers. In fact, I recently just read back through all of her archives and printed out a bunch of her recipes.

The winners of the {get your yoga ON giveaway} finally are...

The Yogamatic custom mat...I've decided (along with Yogamatic) that we are going to create a custom yoga mat for Stephanie/Nie Nie with the above photo. As many of you know she was a yoga teacher in Arizona and our hopes are that someday in the near future she will be able to look down at a beautiful yoga mat with a picture of her family and find some peace as she faces a long road to recovery. You all can get your own uber-cool custom yoga mat at Yogamatic!
And if any of you are interested in a LobotoME mantra yoga mat let ME know and I can see what I can do about uploading a high res image for you.

Even Keel Shorts - Sarah
Even Keel is offering up a 20% discount in honor of September as National Yoga Month. At checkout enter: "NYM2008"

Please email ME ( info @ lobotoME . com ) your mailing addresses and I will get your prizes in the mail asap.

Oh and some of you asked ME how FitME month went. Well, up until a week ago I was doing great...I didn't end the month on a super strong note but all in all it went well. I think having a great, healthy month going into several months of sleep deprivation will certainly help ME stay sane and healthy. The 1/2 marathon training isn't going as well - it might be OTC {off the couch}. I'd love to hear how yours went!

At some point this month, depending upon the arrival of Henry, I will get back to a semi-normal schedule of blogging. Stay tuned for some great posts on how to have a simple, meaningful Christmas, back to school organization tips, sugar-free halloween ideas, another great giveaway, sanity saving tips going into the busy holiday season & MORE!


Kate said...

CONGRATULATIONS, Newcomer Family!!! We are SO excited for all of you. We are looking forward to hearing about your new little baby boy! Good luck with everything!
Love, Katie, Brian and Isabelle

Anonymous said...

Jenny! I am SO happy for you. Little boys are special- I've been blessed twice and they are SO special. Tanner's birthday is 10/2- which is a GREAT day for a new little baby- although a ways away. I wish you patience, grace, courage, love and all the best getting to know your new little guy. I know when I found out I was pregnant with Tanner, Chris and I wondered how we could possibly love someone even close to as much as we loved Bailey... It's amazing you can give so much of yourselves and love all of your little blessing SO much. But you do. All the best Jenny!

"moi" said...

Jenny Linn - I am so excited for all of you. We absolutely cannot wait to meet "Little Willy". {You KNOW that is going to be the name that sticks!!} The girls ask me on a daily basis whether "Samme's new baby brother" has "come out" yet.
I am grateful that You, Will and Samme have arrived home safely. No secret how good it feels to finally be home in your own bed. We had such a fun visit with you and Samme. The girls are also asking how soon we can see you again. By the way....I totally knew you were headed back to the Gap for those outfits - you lingered a little too long over them!!
Just remember to breathe and take som momME :) time this month - I know how much you have on your plate and I know how quickly it can be overwhelming. I can only imagine how many pages of the momME planner you are going through right now!!!!!
We all love you so much!!!

Leigh said...

Thank you so much for the update! It was actually your blog that pointed me towards the NieNie story, so thank you for all the good will you have been sending in the direction of their family :)

And I am so excited for baby pictures! I can't wait! 7 pounds and a month to percolate, he's gonna be a big guy alright! I love that you've decided to name him Henry, which I expounded on in my email to you.

And thank you so much for your wonderful giveaway, and I think it's just wonderful what you've decided to do about the yoga mat. I know that it will be truly special to her, and I'm sure that yoga will be there for her when she comes through all of this. Which I know she will.