{ sweat once a day }

Love this image from Lululemon. Especially love the statement {love your failures} and {travel the world}. And the {sweat once a day} mantra fits in nicely with Fit ME month!

ps. And the winner of this week's Fit ME giveaway is....
Grand Prize...toblerone@simplemom
Runner Up Prize...workoutmommy
Email ME your mailing addresses info @ lobotoME.com and I'll get your prizes in the mail next week! Stay tuned for Monday's {get your yoga ON giveaway - it is awesome}!

And in case you need a little more inspiration this weekend check out this great post! Have a great weekend everyone and remember to SWEAT!


Toblerone @ Simple Mom said...

Yahoo! I never win anything! Thanks so much for this. You've made my day.

Carolyn said...

hey Jenny! love this image too. i was wondering if you write about how you got into running? i want to get started again, but am finding it SO hard. you seem like you're quite a regular runner so i was wondering how you got started and if it came easily to you?

LobotoME said...

hi carolyn -----

i will write more about this soon because i just discovered the BEST way to get into running - its a run/walk/run/walk program. and btw, running doesn't come easily to ME - i sweat, huff & puff and even swear while running! :)

Leigh said...

I would like to make my mantra be "DON'T sweat at least once today" lol Can someone turn down the heat!? 114 at noon makes me too drained to run :(