{ pack ME }

I'm off to visit these darling people {gram + gramp } in upstate new york for a few days.

Samme calls them great gram + great gramp {because they are great, she says}. And yes they are.

Be back soon.

ps - Fit ME & Feed ME are featured on Delight.com as {Today's Delight!}

pps - I put up a donation link up on the right hand side for all of you who emailed ME and asked how you could help the Nielson's after their tragic plane crash last weekend. You can also help out by participating in this silent auction effort being coordinated by DesignMom next Thursday. The address of where to send cards & get well wishes is here.

ppps - I'm diggin' this pick. Obama-Biden '08

pppps - Don't forget you have one more week to sign up for the {get your yoga ON giveaway}!