{ Fit ME...week one redux}

I am counting last week as my week ONE, but I know a lot of you started this week. I'm so excited that so many of you are motivated to get in shape or start your training for an event!

Here's what I did last week (click on image for larger view).

And here's my plan for this week. I'm aiming to bump up the total # of hours as well as the distance of my runs this week. And lots more water...

M- Cardio Sculpt (1 hour)
T - Run/Walk (1 hour of yoga at home)
W - Cardio Sculpt (1.0 hours) & .30 min run/walk
Th - Run/Walk (1 hour) - maybe 5-6 mile run?
F - Cardio Sculpt (1 hour)
Saturday - Power Yoga (1.5 hours)
Sunday - Power Walk with baby jogger (1 hour) & .30 min. of yoga at home
Total time: 8.5 hours

Next week: Boot camp class starts & girls yoga weekend!

If you need some workout ideas here are some of my favs...

All of you moms - Put the kids in the baby jogger and GO! They get fresh air, you get exercise! Have them point out fun things they see - animals, flowers, different colored house s & cars!

Trail running (way, way more FUN than road running). If you are just getting started, just hike!

Fitness videos from Netflix.

Yoga Today - yoga videos online. And FREE. { There are a few minutes of commercials at the beginning, but I usually listen to those while setting up my yoga mat, computer, etc.) }

Don't forget to sign up for the great giveaway (and stay tuned next Monday for another great one)!


Anonymous said...

You make me really want to give yoga another try...I haven't done it for years and just remember being so bored. I wonder if now that I am a mom it would be easier to enjoy the quiet and free brain time? Would that site be a good start or what would you recommend?

LobotoME said...

Hi Hannah -

I generally recommend taking some yoga classes and finding a type of yoga & instructor that you like if you are new to yoga. If that isn't feasible than I would try a home yoga video. I really like yoga today videos but I tend to find them more int-advanced. The thing to remember is just do what you can...don't try to push your body into something it isn't ready for!
Sorry - I don't think that is an answer to your question! But the quiet time is my fav part - it makes ME slow down and BREATHE. And helps ME run & bike better because I am more flexible and have better recovery.

Have a great day!
J :)

Anonymous said...

That is a great answer- thank you! I will check out some beginner dvd's today and go from there. I am sure the flexibility and recovery will transfer to so many other areas as well.

debbiem said...

Hi Jen! It sounds like you are off to a great start - I only missed one day this past week!