{ organize ME }

The other day some of you asked to see how I was using my weekly momME planner and how with all of my to-do's I prioritized. What I do is generally put my {wow, wouldn't it be great, but also a miracle, if I could get all of these things done today} list into each day. Then I highlight my THREE Most Important To-Do's for that day. I try to tackle them right off the bat and schedule time for them. That way I am not getting "distracted" by to-do items that, while they may need to get done, aren't as important. YOU will see I also list one household to-do each day (again, that doesn't mean I'm not picking up or washing dishes, but one time consuming- water & weed the garden item - generally an item that I need about an hour for). Another example could be {clean all 3 bathrooms}.


debbiem said...

thanks for that great tip! I am going to start highlighting my important tasks each day too!

jess @ lost button studio said...

I love getting to see other people's lists. Thanks for sharing! I asterisk the things that are my top priorities but I like how you use colors...makes it way cuter.

Anonymous said...

do you use an electronic organizer at all?

Jane C.