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I'm still on this big push to simplify our lives - our home, our finances, our work systems, our days, our meals, etc. I'm selling stuff on ebay; donating stuff to charity; cooking simple, fresh summer meals; working less and spending more time with the family playing outside and working on the garden; buying less and saving more. And I'm really trying to do this for the summer because I want more time to do the things I enjoy.

{And for those of you that tried bidding on my items 2 weeks ago, my ebay account is back online (someone hacked into it - can you believe it?!?!) - anyway, my listings are back up if any of you are interested!}

One of the things I've been doing lately with my momME planner is deciding what I'd like to accomplish on any given day and then highlighting the 3 Most Important To-DO's (eg. send rep kits, order new banners, return call to M.) Those are the 3 things that MUST get done. There are lots of other things on the list, but by making sure I am getting through the most important things first, it takes some pressure off for the rest of the day. Anything else that gets checked off the list is BONUS. I've also been listing only one major house item a day (eg. catch up on laundry, clean bathrooms, or weed garden). This doesn't mean I don't do other "household" related tasks (washing dishes, tidying up, watering the garden - all things that I do everyday) but I only undertake ONE major item (requiring an hour or so of time) a day. I've been keeping the meals simple with hardboiled eggs, fresh fruit & plain yogurt for breakfast and healthy mini flaxseed muffins (recipe to come soon); turkey, avacado, & veggie sandwiches for lunch; and something on the grill (chicken, fish or steak) with a big, healthy salad for dinner.

Here are a few great articles I've come across lately that might inspire YOU to live simply this summer (and all year long).

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So what are you guys doing to simplify your lives this summer?


JW said...

GIRL - I swear you read my mind. Great idea on the top 3 things, I'm going to impliment it immediately. Everything you said sums it all up. sometimes when I am overwhelmed I have a tendancy to do nothing...so I am loving the top 3...thanks for the inspiration, always!

LobotoME said...

Hi Jana - Thanks for your sweet comment (as always)!
Yes, I'm liking the TOP 3 for ME approach - it has taken a bit of pressure off of ARIES driven ME to DO IT ALL! Then I can have more time to PLAY with Sam!

I will do another post soon about my Top 3 for ME approach and post a pic of my planner showing how I'm doing that.

I have also found that if I have more than one MAJOR activity with Sam a day I cancel one. Meaning I won't do a playdate & swim lessons. She just gets tired and I spend too much time driving around. ONE FUN outing a day is PLENTY for a 4 year old.

J :)

jess @ lost button studio said...

I am totally trying to focus on simplifying this summer. Thanks for sharing your ideas.

Anonymous said...

right on Jenny! I am so with you on all this. I have a freezer right now on craigs list. I am even thinking of selling my treadmill.

I am using my
momMEplanner now. Less paper and now that school is out and I have less kids activities I can fit everything on this one pager.

the simple life is the good life

debbiem said...

yeah, me too - we are all about simple living these days too! thanks for the tips jen!

Anonymous said...

I'm hanging all of my clothes out on the line and swapping kids qwith another mom so we each have a day off one day a week this summer to simplify our lives!


Sara said...

Yay! Thanks for linking out to On Simplicity. I'm digging the way you do your to-do list. I do something similar, but your way is even simpler than mine.