{ i don't want to be 4 anymore! }

All day long Sam kept saying, "I'm 4, I'm 4!" Which (all week long) we kept telling her meant she got to sleep in her big girl bed again all night long (and not come in with us from 11pm - 7am everynight - she's a thrasher so we don't sleep very well when that happens)...anyway, last night before bedtime she brings me a pile of birthday gifts she has received and says, "I don't want to be 4 - I still want to be 3 so I can sleep with you guys. I don't want to have anymore birthdays or get older." hmmm....hadn't anticipated that, although it is what I say on my birthdays! :-)


debbiem said...

That is hilarious! So what did you do? Let her sleep with you another night?

JW said...

Ohhh, how can you not love that? Such a mixture of wanting them to be independent but holding on as long as you can to that chilhood sweetness, I love it. My 4 year old does the same thing - anywhere between 10-11 to morning time. He's a log so I don't mind. I love their thought process...cute!