{ amazing grace }

I have a small card that reads { grace } posted above my desk. Most days I think it needs to be LARGER to help fill me with more grace. But then that feels counter-intuitive to be asking a sign that reads grace for something more... It was going to be my "word" for 2008 but then that gave way to "breathe" and "you only live once" in my quest for finding more space to breathe and living more mindfully in the present. Anyway, I just came across this amazing blog, Ordinary Courage, and today the author writes about "grace." A must read. Go. Now.

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Anonymous said...

wow, I really didn't need another blog to read but this one might need to be added to my favorites. thanks for sharing.

and, my seven year old still sneeks in our bed between the hours of 11 and 7 as well : )