{ happy earth day & PA primary day }

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Today, 2 very important events are taking place - Earth Day & PA Primary Day { VOTE }! We are going to spend as much time outside as we possibly can and we are going to clean up trash along our road...and then watch the election coverage unfold tonight. This is the only Earth we’ve got, let’s give her a lot of love {and elect someone who will give a darn}. For more information about Earth Day, visit Earth Day 2008.

Here are some great tips on ways you can celebrate Earth Day as a family via Crunchy Domestic Goddess.
  • Plan a meal made only of local, organic foods - Use this as an opportunity to talk with your kids about where your food comes from.
  • Plant a tree, a bush, a garden or even some herbs or flowers in a pot.
  • Spend some time outside - on a hike, a walk, at the park - enjoying each other’s company, appreciating nature, and picking up any garbage you see
  • Designate an “Earth Hour” every week where you turn off your lights in the evening for one hour to save electricity
  • Encourage your kids to round up some of their toys or clothing they’ve outgrown and donate them to a local charity
  • Visit a local charity or thrift store to see how items you no longer use can benefit others
  • Take your kids to a local recycling center to see where all of the bottles, cans, newspapers, etc. go
  • Print out an Earth Day coloring/activities book for your children and work on it together
  • Take a trip to the library and check out some books related to nature - endangered species, water, plants and flowers, etc. - or books specifically about Earth Day
  • Talk with your kids about water consumption and how turning off the water while brushing teeth helps conserve it. Encourage all family members to take shorter showers or consider filling up baths with a little less water.
  • Change your incandescent light bulbs to compact fluorescent light bulbs to conserve energy and encourage the kids to turn off lights/TV when they aren’t in use

And here are 2 great Obama videos! Donate! Vote! Get involved!

This one & this one.


tommysmommy said...


debbiem said...

I am SO BUMMED obama didn't ROCK PA! are you doing okay today? love those videos and loved his speech last night.


LobotoME said...

Hi Debbie - Yes, I am a bit depressed today - BUT, he is still leading in delegate count & popular vote (thank goodness). I think i am so impassioned about his campaign because it is the first time I am INSPIRED by a politician...The first time I feel he is speaking to ME. I know not everyone agrees and that is fine but I support him! :)