{ ten thoughts on whole living }

Meditation forges a healing connection between mind & body.
Let your inner nature inform and inspire your fitness regime.
Saving the earth requires rethinking the way you live.
Nourish your skin as you would your body - with natural ingredients.
When you need help, ask for it. No one scores points for suffering along.
Learn to mother yourself.
When it comes to money, honor your strengths and acknowledge your limits.
Approach spring cleaning as a ritual, not a chore.
Find a new use for something old - or find it a new home.
Use tasks to guide, not restrict, you. Allow the future to unfold.

These are all wonderful thoughts on whole living...I encourage you to take one per week this spring and work on it. Schedule a massage, a yoga class or a girls night out (take care of yourself). Look at what you are good at with money (eg. giving to those in need) and identify ways to manage your money more closely aligned with all of your values. Try meditating for the first time or work on bringing the practice into your life on a more regular basis. Schedule your tasks & to do lists, but leave some room for spontaneity in your schedule each day. Plan a day or weekend for spring cleaning - turn on the music, open the windows, let fresh air in, buy some flowers for your kitchen & bedroom, and de-clutter by getting rid of stuff you don't need & giving it to someone who does.

Ten Thoughts on Whole Living via April + May 2007 issue of Body & Soul Magazine


carolyn said...

great tips - thanks jen!
ps - cute easter pics!

Anonymous said...

Yes, great tips!