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Today I'm touching base with everyone about your new year's money/saving/getting debt free resolutions? How is everyone doing? I know that one of my biggest challenges in terms of saving more $ comes in not buying Sam things she doesn't need. I am trying to be a little less emotional about our purchases and wait a day or two to decide if we really need it or if I just want it. Check out these tips on 8 questions to ask before you buy something.

Here's a cool article about how to live on less and love it (it's more than a little extreme - the writer made $4,000 last year, but he gives good tips on ways to cut expenses).

I'm also really liking this site, Saavy Sugar for money management & investing tips. And this article might be useful to some of you who sell stuff on etsy or ebay.

Here's a new 30-day challenge to manage your money better via iVillage if you desire some daily tips.

And if you still need a kick in the butt to get your money matters under control check out this video here.


Molly said...

i think everyone could benefit from money management tips. what a fun blog!


auction eBook said...

Working with eBay system I got attracted to many of the products that are not of much use for me. As the way they are presented will some times make me buy it. The tips provided here in this blog are really helpful in cutting down the expenses.