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So I don't like racing. I know that is funny coming from someone who puts on sporting events & races for a living. But I just don't have that competitive gene. I don't like to stress myself out about an upcoming event and my performance. But once a year I find myself signing up for one race for the pure reason of jump starting my training - kicking up my workouts a notch or in the case of the never ending winter, getting off the couch and back onto the bike. 3 years ago I went on a women's road biking retreat in California. 2 Years ago I did a triathlon with a friend. Last year I trained for the Nike Women's Marathon but ended up staying in Yosemite for an extra week instead! Sarah turned me onto this all woman's road ride in Colorado this summer (it actually starts in Niwot, goes to Lyons and back - 65 miles) - one of my favorite road rides from when we used to live there. Here's more info. I think this one might be the one for this year. I am dying to go to this yoga retreat in Montana but scheduling wise it doesn't work this year.
So, I challenge all of you to find something to train for this summer- whether it is your first 5K, a muddy buddy race, an adventure race or a sprint triathlon, hiking a mountain...sign up, schedule it, get some new workout gear, grab a friend and JUST DO IT.
ps - for mommy training tips check out Workout Mommy.


debbiem said...

I am going to find something to sign up for this week - thanx for the idea!

Anonymous said...

nice inspiration.

this will be my third year of doing the Danskin triathlon.

I would love to go to a yoga weekend retreat sometime too.

And lastly, I LOVE the clothes in Athleta - but the only thing I can afford from that catalog is a pair of socks!!

LobotoME said...

You go ladies!

and yes, i too love athleta but they are pricey! sometimes i can find good deals at www.lucy.com on similar exercise clothes too -

Maureen said...

I'm on it! (by the way, there's a great women's mini-triathlon right here in Columbia, MD that YOU should come and do! (I haven't done it and probably won't, I'm a big chicken on a bike)


If nothing else, you can see pix of the park that I do a lot of my running in!