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So I get tons of emails asking me how to start a business, how to produce a product, how to find a manufacturer, how to find a designer, how to find reps, etc. First of all, I am no expert. I was an environmental eduction major in college and used to run a nonprofit organization (notice the 'nonprofit' part of that statement). Secondly, I am getting bad at answering all of my emails due to my lack of time and the amount of them in my inbox. So I thought I'd post some information that I found helpful and hopefully you will too...

First read this book.
Then read this book.
Then do lots & lots & lots of research in your market.
Then head over to this site and check out their super helpful forums.
If you are looking for a graphic designer to design your logo, brand identity or website content I cannot more highly recommend Allison Lawhon/Bozeman Collaborative or Sarah Douglas/Gaia Creative or Amy Miller/Amy Miller Design Co. or Brett Miller (email me for his contact info). Make sure to see examples of work and ask about print/production assistance. All of the above designers have taken product to print or manufacturing (meaning they know what printing companies want in terms of design files, margins, how to upload to FTP sites, etc). Also be sure to check with them about their timelines. If they are slammed with other work, yours might have to wait. Or they might be able to get you some initial design ideas within a week. Some charge a flat rate others by the hour.
If you are looking for manufacturing assistance or marketing help you can hire a consultant such as Meg of Mixed Co. here.


Sarah said...

Thanks for the referral (again!)

xo s.

Anonymous said...

great tips! thanks for the resources.

jennifer r.

debbiem said...

Great info & great links! Thank you for sharing!