{ pack ME }

We are packing to head up to Breckenridge to ski for a few days with some friends who are visiting from the bay area and then onto Boulder to do this, this and attend a wedding. As some of you know, we travel a lot (for work, for fun, to visit far flung family) so I go through these Pack ME lists like there is no tomorrow.

Thought I'd share a few things I don't leave home without when traveling with Sam.
1) I let Sam fill a backpack with books and toys. I bring a few new surprises (stickers, mini play-doh packs, new crayons, etc).
2) Portable DVD player. Enough said.
3) Gel Gems - they are great for car windows and airplane windows.
4) Patience.

Also, if any of you are snowed in this weekend from winter weather and not traveling, try some of these Clutter Control Tips (via Steph Modo via Domino Magazine).


tommysmommy said...

Have a great trip! I too don't leave home on a trip without the portable dvd player!

katie1212 said...

have a great trip! hope you have time to blog! yor boy obama did great tonight in my state (WA)!

Maureen said...

have a wonderful time. can't wait to hear about your fun! m

lisa said...

I LOVE my Pack Me list - we just got back from our trip to Florida today and I completely filled my list up before we left (I actually went through several drafts). I too love the back pack idea - ours contains coloring and activity books, crayons, a few small toys, the lovable snuggly of the moment and a few "jewels" for the girlies...they love to dress up no matter where they are!
Have a fantastic trip "up north" and if you have a chance to see ReeRee give her hugs and kisses for us!! xxoo