{ my new BFF }

Thank you Steph for not only organizing the Let's Get Organized Swap but for sending me such a helpful & delightful package! The recipe binder is not only gorgeous but it is filled with GREAT recipes handpicked by Stephanie herself. I will post my before & after recipe organization project soon (after I find time to insert my recipes into the binder). Here's the review of the package I sent her! Swaps are so much fun! Thanks again Steph!


debbiem said...

lucky you - that is a great swap package!

carolyn said...

great swap package! I need to do that with my recipes too.

Stephanie said...

I'm sooooo glad you enjoyed it Jenny. That was, of course, the main goal. I have a few more recipes I'm mailing out to you next week post-San Francisco trip. I meant to include them in your package but our cartridge ran out of ink....stay tuned. I found a yummy, and sophisticated, slow cooker recipe for you! xoxo