{ score }

I was dropping stuff off at the thrift store and couldn't resist going in...And as much as I hate Barbie, I knew Samme would love forever this Samme-size Princess doll ($6). It is like 3 feet tall. Also found fabric, tulle, a mini tea cup & plate for Samme and some vintage linens and ribbons. All for a $12.00. Score. Speaking of scoring, GO GIANTS! :)


carolyn said...

great finds! have a great weekend!


Anonymous said...


love, carrie :-)

debbiem said...

Great finds! Thrifting is so much fun isn't it??!

Way to go giants - although I flet badly for Favre.

Lisa said...

The girls are so jealous about the doll...there have been two in the window of the thrift shop downtown for a couple of weeks and I have been resisting! Guess I have no reason to now!!! Yeah for thrift shops!