{ read directions before not after }

So, you all know that I challenged myself to learn how to sew this year...I am signed up for a class next month but until then I thought I'd get out the old thread and needle and sew some fabric flowers to sew on some aprons I've been making and a dress for Sam (her request). Well, I looked over this tutorial & printed out the templates...that's where my reading stopped. I didn't criss cross the smaller flowers so my fabric flowers are a little flatter than hers. However, it was a fun project and Sam picked out the buttons and fabric. I cut out paper ones for her to glue buttons too while I sewed.

What are YOU going to CREATE this weekend?


TAYLOR MADE designs said...

I might sew up some more pillows for our kitchen/breakfast nook :)

Have fun creating with sam!

carolyn said...

those are really cute!!

tommysmommy said...

Those are cute! I am going to work on my scrapbooks & photo albums this weekend!