{ Love your mornings! }

So, I've been TRYing to get up by 5:30-6:00 am at the latest (a good hour or so before the little one wakes so I have time to do some yoga, meditate, make a cup of tea, respond to emails, get centered...But this is NOT easy. Not for ME anyway. I'd much rather stay up to midnight working and sleep in until 8am. I need my beauty sleep.

So, to help get out of bed in the morning I really think I need this.
It goes off and rolls and bounces away from the bed so you have to get OUT of bed, hunt it down and turn it off...and by then you are out of bed which is 99.9% of the battle to begin with.

I had the tendency to save ME-time for evening, but by then I was too zonked to enjoy it. "Out of exhaustion, we tend to sit on the couch watching bad TV or surfing the internet, Jennifer Loudon, author of The Life Organizer says." To prioritize ME-time, she suggests "waking up early and asking yourself, 'What do I want to do for ME today? Stretch? Crack a new novel? Start a collage?' Then indulge before you even hit the shower. "

So, what do you say? Want to become a morning person with ME?


Lisa said...

This is so funny!!! I have been trying to make this commitment too. We decided to open the office one hour earlier so that we can get out of here one hour earlier for more family time. This of course means we are supposed to get up earlier to make it work.....not so successful so far!!!!! I am also aiming for the 5:30 wake up - this is sooooo not working!!! I don't know if this alarm clock would even work - I would probably end up chucking it out on to South Broad at 5:30 in the path of a tractor trailer!!

debbiem said...

Yes, I want to become a morning person too! How long do you think it takes to get used to it?

katie1212 said...

That clock is hilarious!

Mina said...

Here are some great ideas I came across. This is my month to make the habit of getting out of bed when the alarm goes off.


LobotoME said...

Thanks for the tips Mina! I am going to try those!

Kristina said...

I never thought I would be a morning person, but I love getting up at 5:30 to exercise. It gets my day off to such a great start and puts me in a great mood to greet my three kiddos when they wake up. Plus, my exericse time is done and I don't have to try and find time to squeeze it in. Whenever my alarm goes off and I don't feel like I want to get out of bed, I just try and think about how good I feel afterwards!

Thanks for asking about how I am doing on my goals. It is going really well. I even tried my first yoga class and loved it!

Stephanie said...

I need to do this but I am having a difficult time giving up my late nights. They are so productive. However, I'm starting to feel the repercussions. I really really need to join you on this one! Maybe tonight will be the night I hit the sack before 10 p.m. It will be a miracle!