{ my life is an incredible opportunity to... }

What is your VISION of your life? Write it down and work towards creating it everyday.

Here are some excerpts from my vision...one that I am continually striving for.

"My life is an incredible journey with lots of opportunities - to play, laugh, love & give back."
"I enthusiastically jump out of bed every morning, well-rested, full of energy and excited to start the day ahead."
"I will commit to self-care everyday, not just when I get sick, tired or burnt-out, but everyday."
"I take care of my body everyday by exercising or practicing yoga."
"I take care of my mind everyday by taking quiet time, meditating, reading or practicing yoga."
"I do my BEST each day...anything less is lazy."

"To build a life together with Will filled with the laughter or children, family & friends."
"I will plan & prepare healthy meals for my family everyday, starting off with breakfast together."
"I am a wife my husband is proud of and adores, a mother my children love as well as feel inspired by."
"I do something fun with Sam everyday...not just on special occasions. Continue to include the extraordinary in the ordinary."
"To teach Sam that happiness comes from within."
"I am a dynamic, inspiring friend to those I love and I let go of relationships & friendships that drag me down."
"My family is financially free, physically fit, spiritually fulfilled and emotionally close. We have lots of fun. I never want to say, wish I did, wish I did... I could lose everything tomorrow. I want to give my family & my life my all."

"I only work 3 days a week and I adhere to a strict Computer Free Fridays."
"My organized office and well-managed time allows me to work 3 days a week and take 12 weeks of vacation a year. We take 3 day weekends every week, not just during federal holidays."
"My days are spent helping people reach their fullest potential - helping them be organized; live well and stay sane both through LobotoME and Gravity Play Sports adventure events."
"When I go to sleep at night, I sleep soundly, knowing that I helped make the world a little bit better and that I became an improved version of ME in the process."


carolyn said...

what a beautiful vision jennie. thank you for sharing.

Maureen said...

Thank you for this, Jenny...for the spark that it ignites and the peace that it inspires!

debbiem said...

That is beautiful -
thanks for sharing!

sarah said...

YES, what a great life vision! I need to do this! Thank YOU! ANd Happy NEW YEAR TO YOU!
Love, Sarah