{ living your values }

In gearing up for the New Year, I thought I'd take you through a few life planning exercises I do each year...about what's important to you, what your short term & long term goals are and what your life vision is...

So, what are your Values? The question to ask yourself is this: "What is truly important to me in life?" Values are priorities that tell you how to spend your time, right here, right now. It is challenging to live your values everyday. We often get distracted with how we invest our time and energy. However, the clearer your values are and how important they are to you, the easier it is to make decisions in your life - big and small. By discovering how much you honor them, you can get a snapshot picture of how true to yourself you are being.

Take 10 minutes and list them out (10-15 is a good number to work with) and then prioritize them. Are your values present each day? Honoring our values brings us harmony. Dishonoring our values brings us disharmony, angst and disease.

Inspiration to help you get started from a great Lululemon ad...

Find your wings and fly. Find your calling. Find your passion. Find your moment. Find your peace. Find your friends. Find your soul. Find your purpose. Find your reason. Find yourself. Find your love. Find your youth. Find your past. Find your future. Find your present.

Next, we'll look at defining your Life Vision and then setting 1, 5 & 10 year goals & doable action steps to align with your current values and vision.


debbiem said...

Thanks - I am looking forward to doing this and setting some great goals for the NEW YEAR!

carolyn said...

Thanks Jenny!

L, C