{ holi-DAZE }

So things are in a bit of a frenzy over here trying to get stuff done... I am no longer allowing myself to procrastinate.

I keep getting all of these sweet emails asking how I am so organized, so together... I just laugh because I think, if only you knew! To make all of you feel better and to let all of you know I too am HUMAN, here is a picture of Sam's playroom stacked with gifts that still need to be wrapped, packed and shipped. And here is my Christmas To Do List (not included on there are daily things like work, shipping orders, feeding the family, catching up on laundry from our trip, cleaning the house, responding to dozens of email, exercising, and having FUN, etc.)

Feeling better already aren't you?


Anonymous said...

you have a foosball table! your house rocks!

- Lisa :-)

ericasmith said...

I couldn't open your document!

- E

tommysmommy said...

That is a LARGE to do list - - You are right, I do feel better - haha :-)

LobotoME said...

The link to the document has been fixed - brace yourself! LOL! :)

Maureen said...

Thanks for posting this (I think :)! You reminded me of about ten other things that I had forgotten to add to mine!