{ advent calendar adventures }

So I finally got Sam's advent calendar up (I know, I know...super late)...But it is still cute and jam packed with gifts and coupons & letters. Of course, when you are gone half the month, you have less pockets to fill {evil mommy}... :)

Here's whats in there:
- Make decorations for the tree (more on our results later)
- A new apron & a coupon to bake cookies with mama
- Go out or sushi together coupon and some new kid chopsticks (Will's contribution to the advent calendar!) :)
- Wee journals & new colored pencils.
- A trip to the Children's Museum.
- A treasure map to a new book (too large for the advent stocking)
- Make paper snowflakes (white paper & silver glitter)
- Have pancakes for dinner with new snowflake mold.
- Dance like crazy to music ON the bed (my ipod in the pocket with new dance music recently downloaded)
- A mid-day tea party with new tea set
- Go food shopping and bring it to the food bank (brown paper bags for Sam to decorate to put food in)
- A love letter to Samme with a stone heart.
- Go out on back deck & star gaze & drink hot chocolate (mini marshmellows & hot chocolate in pocket).
- Read the Grinch that Stole Christmas & go see Christmas lights in the neighborhood (22nd)
- Camp out around the Christmas Tree with our sleeping bags & make gingerbread house. (on the 23rd)
- Read Twas the Night Before Christmas & leave Santa and the reindeer cookies, milk & carrot sticks. (24th)
- Disposable Camera (25th) so Sam can document Christmas as she remembers it.

Here it is as a spreadsheet/list.


Maureen said...

I'm inspired! What a great mommy!

Anonymous said...

I agree, I am inspired as well. It's time to get busy making life fun for my little boys!! :)


tommysmommy said...

what great ideas! thank you so much!

where did you get the snowflake pancake mold?

Anonymous said...

Love this idea! I am going to get it together for my kids tonight! Just added another thing to my to do list (thanks a lot!)
- Lisa

debbiem said...

I really want to do this too but I don't know if I have time to add another project to the list. But I too am inspired!

LobotoME said...

Hi everyone - Thanks for your great feedback - I'm glad you are inspired to DO instead of simply GIVE (not that there is anything wrong with giving or getting)...but making that time to have fun together admist all of the craziness is super important too. I originally came up w/ this idea last year after reading SouleMama's blog where she did something like this for her kids. Anyway, don't stress if you aren't doing this - make time for your own traditions and things that are important to you & your family. If you need some great tips on how to fit in more project time into your busy days check out this post:


LobotoME said...

oh and the snowflake mold...I got it from Williams Sonoma last year...I saw them in a crate & barrel store recently too. i think you could probably just make them and then use a cookie cutter too!

Anonymous said...

ADORABLE IDEAS JEN! I am going to try to incorporate some of those to our holiday festivities.
Best wishes for a joyous holiday to you & your family!
Love, Kate S.

elizabethm said...

I'm inspired too! What a wonderful time of year it is!

Love, Liz

Anonymous said...

Are you always so organized and together?

_ Luv, Lisa

Anonymous said...

great ideas! you are a good mom!

Jen said...

Love this! Thanks for visiting, you are great!

Jen said...

Love this! Thanks for stopping by. YOu are great!