{ weekend wowzers}

1. Buy the dress here.

2. To Do List Book

3. Oh Happy Day Blog

Happy Veterans Day (I called Gramp to tell him that) and hope you all have had a great weekend. We enjoyed a fun AXS Series TV premiere party last night with over 40 of our family, friends and event staff (there were 8 kids in the playroom all night- wait until you see those pics - I will upload soon) and lots of time outside (sunny, 65 degrees, no snow in sight in the mountains of Colorado...can you say "Global Warming?"


Anonymous said...

Luv that dress, can't wait to get that to do list book and want to read back postings on the happy day blog. thx for sharing!


carolyn said...

sounds like a great weekend! ps - love that dress! - C

Anonymous said...

That To Do List book looks great!