How to have a GREENer halloween...

Once upon a time, Halloween was all about bobbing for apples, carving pumpkings and telling scary ghost tories...Now it 's tuend into a multi-million pound monster. Here are some tips on how to enjoy a cleaner, greener Halloween.

1) Make costumes out of castoffs or raid local thrift stores. Here are some ideas from Cookie Magazine.

2) Buy pumpkins & organic apples from your local farmers market tomorrow. Find your nearest one at FarmersMarkets.net

3) Use soy candles in your pumpkins instead of regular ones (they produce 90 percent less soot).

4) Use ALL of your pumpkin. You can toast the vitamin-packed seeds for snacks, sprinkle in salads or feed birds. For recipe ideas click here.

5) After Halloween, recycle any waste and put your pumkin shell on the compost heap, or bury it in the garden to enrich your soil.


emilysnell07 said...

is that your daughter?

LobotoME said...

yup, that's our samme (2 years ago for halloween) - she hated the chicken costume - that is the only photo we got of her in it! :)

debbiem said...

she is so CUTE!