{ A few tricks to manage treats, mornings and messy meals... }

{ Daily Dose of ME }

Happy Halloween! Samme woke up this morning and decided she wanted to be a MERMAID for Halloween!?@!?! Well, since it was 6:09am and she needed to be at school for her halloween breakfast thingy in 2 hours (oh and the fact that I can't sew!) it wasn't leaving a lot to be rectified. Fortunately, I had a little surprise for her to go with her previously decided upon princess costume that left her happy as can be! Here are a few tricks to manage the treat onslaught & corresponding sugar high tonight.

{ Daily Dose of FUN }

Groovy plate for kiddos from Boon.

{ Daily Dose of Sanity }

Wake up each day the right way with this morning yoga routine.


carolyn said...

Happy Halloween to you!

Anonymous said...

don't you love how kids change their minds so much!
hope you had a happy halloween!