a better way to charge...

Spent over an hour in a bookstore this morning with Sam and discovered that my favorite book, Eat Pray Love is now on audio CD. I have read the book at least a dozen times and can't wait to listen to it in the car...I wonder what new things I will discover about it listening to someone else read it aloud. Sam chose this book. A bit of serendipity that I was re-connected to this book this morning because when I checked my email tonight, a friend had written that "I picked up Eat. Pray. Love and love it - I eat while reading it, and pray about a million times during it!"

So, after spending way to much money in this adorable bookstore in Moab, Utah today, I wanted to share with you two credit cards I use frequently...Cuz if you are going to charge something it might as well have some positive after-effects, right? Here are 2 CC's that I use and like.

Earth Rewards - A portion of each purchase will go to off-setting emissions. For example, spending $500 will offset 1,500 miles in the average car.

Fidelity Investment Rewards - Fidelity deposits 1.5% of your purchases into a Fidelity brokerage or retirement account.

ps - the cute bookstore I was in today...Arches Bookstore - their slogan is {brews, books & better living} - how perfect!


debbiem0576 said...

love eat pray love too! i must buy the audio cd as well...who reads it? does elizabeth gilbert the author?

Anonymous said...

i heard she was on oprah the other day!?!? did anyone see it? i missed it!