Buzz Sugar's Fall TV Guide...

Check out Buzz Sugar's great guide to Fall TV (premiere dates, showtimes, channels, etc).

I'm not a huge fan of TV in general...I do think time for the most part is better spent interacting with family & friends, etc. and I don't think it is a great idea to sit on the couch for hours on end each night. However, we do own at TV and I am not afraid to let my daughter watch Noggin or Curious George from time to time. I grew up watching Saturday morning cartoons while my folks slept in and I turned out okay.

Plus, there are a few shows that I do love to watch (Weeds, Grey's Anatomy, Brothers & Sisters and okay, I'll admit this, my guilty teen saga show, The Hills).


Anonymous said...

that's a great guide - i am going to print that out. i'd never heard of buzz sugar before.

Anonymous said...

i love greys anantomy & the hills too! i have never watched weeds though but will have to check it out!