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Some tips from Gabby Reece, volleyball champ, model & mother:

On exercise: "Even when I'm tired, exercise it like laundry - I have to get it done." Schedule your workout the same way you schedule everything else in your life - take the option and emotion out of it."

On nutrition: Gabby is careful to check nutrition labels - she only buys things in which she recognizes the ingredients. Some of her meal ideas.

Bfast - Oatmeal with almond butter for protein and maple syrup to satisfy her sweet tooth.

Lunch - Big Salad with fish or chicken

Dinner - Lean meat with veggies and a sweet potato or brown rice.

Caffeine Boost - Green tea with ice & honey

Overall Tips - Eat 3 meals a day; don't skip breakfast; and avoid processed foods, wheat, sugar and ingredients you can't pronounce and you'll have more energy.

For more tips from Gabby visit her awesome website.

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Anonymous said...

Love her! THANKS for her website link - I didn't know that she had such a great site!