Back To School...

Samme started pre-school this morning! SO darn cute!

Here are some tips to get all of you out the door in the morning, calmly and sanely:

1. Prepare everything the night before - get children bathed; have them pick out clothes for the next day and lay them all out (including shoes & jackets); filled h20 bottle, musical instruments and after-school activity clothes put in bag by front door.

2. Lay out lunch box and prepare anything ahead of time you can (chop veggies, cut fruit, make sandwiches, etc. the night before).

3. Get sleep. It is recommended that children aged 2-4 get 12+ hours a night; and children 4-8 have 10+ hours per night. Plus mommy's need 7-8!

4. ME TIME. This is crucial (and challenging at the same time). Get up BEFORE your children!!! Do 10-15 minutes of yoga or meditation to get grounded in your day. Get showered, have a cup of tea, respond to critical emails and begin preparing breakfast.

5. Make time for a healthy breakfast everyday. It is the MOST important meal of the day.

6. Don't turn the TV on...how do you expect your 6 year old to tear himself away from Noggin to get in the car for school when a house fire couldn't get you to walk away from Grey's Anatomy?

7. Get a morning groove going. Aim to keep the same routine each morning.

8. SMILE. Remember, every day with our kids is precious.

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Jennifer0888 said...

She is so adorable!
Thanks for the school morning tips! I am going to start using them!