{ ME-time }

I don't know about the rest of you but it seems as though in the summer ME-time is almost always replaced with Family-time or Keep the kids occupied-time or host visitors from out of town-time. One of the things I look forward to in the fall is a return to routine and the ability to schedule in some more pockets of self-care. We all need to create within our day time that matters to us. I try to spend 15 minutes at the start of each day prioritizing how I spend my time. What I need to get done. What matters the most. What I want the rythm of the day to bring. Its not that there aren't times I'm an over caffeinated under downward dogged kind of girl...there are. During those times, everything catches me off guard and I spend all of my time putting out fires. And I find myself saying that I have no time for what really matters to me.

Fifteen minutes. Fifteen minutes is fifteen minutes. Spend that time doing something that matters. Spend that time on YOU. Spend that fifteen minutes organizing your head for the day in whatever manner you like...perhaps you are a list maker like me. Spending fifteen minutes prioritizing your time and poof, the fabric of time will abundantly provide for you and all that matters to you.

Once I am able to do this I notice immediately, that I find myself on my yoga mat more frequently, reading to my kids more often, sitting in meditation daily.

Treat yourself. Plan your day. Start now. You have fifteen minutes. Go.


ivey patton said...

boy did i need this today! thanx!

Anonymous said...

I also love organizing. And checking tick boxes of my to dos. :)

We accomplish more with it.

I am so energized to be more organize for this post.

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