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Hi everyone! Hope you are having a wonderful summer! We are... lots of hiking, swimming, painting, bike riding + adventures!

Wanted to drop in and say that I am super excited to announce that a new, delightful woman (a mom of 2, 3 year old twins) will be taking over the reins of LobotoME beginning this fall (more about this at a later date and a formal introduction to come).

I also wanted to say that a few weeks ago I had the pleasure of meeting Kris Carr and hearing her speak at the Mountain Pose Yoga Festival. She said, "Wherever you aren't putting your energy is probably where you need to be putting your energy." I love this and it resonated so well with where I am right now. I felt I wasn't putting enough energy into my health & well-being and keeping my body cancer free and wasn't putting enough energy into my family by running 3 businesses. We are simplifying and going down to 1 1/2 businesses which I feel really, really great about. I'll miss LobotoME dearly but it is the right decision for us as a family. But, don't worry, this isn't goodbye post. It's just a "change is going to be coming" post.

She also spoke during her talk about the necessity of self-care and since that is why I started LobotoME to begin with it feels appropriate to come back to that topic now. I created the momME weekly planner originally so that I would have a constant, visual reminder of the importance of scheduling ME-time/self-care time daily. As a new mom at the time, I was overwhelmed and tired and wondering where the healthy, biking, yoga practicing gal I once was went... So I started scheduling it in...at first a few days a week, then eventually a little bit each day. Some days it was waking up early for some meditation and asana practice. Some days it was a quick 1/2 run or workout while my children napped. Some days it was a bath at 10:00pm after everyone was sleep. Some days it was a Saturday morning yoga class. Some days I even counted a leisurely grocery store trip by myself! :) But, its that everyday practice of self-care, of caring for oneself that is so important. Whatever that looks like to you.

Balance is the place you want to be so that when the bumps come, they don't take you down. It is the place that reminds you that you don't have to do everything. It allows you to act not react. It is the place that tells you when enough is enough. Yes, there are still times I feel overwhelmed. But I am working on being open to help. I am getting better at remembering to breathe.

I hope you are all finding time for some self-care this summer season and its helping you find a more balanced place.

xoxo, jenny

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tracie said...

lots and lots of love to you jenny! i understand the pain, yet joy, yet relief to say goodbye to something that's your "baby." but once the decision/sale has been made, there's great freedom in that.

proud of you for listening to what your real needs are and excited to follow you on your next ME chapter! ;)

Sarah said...

Please tell me you will continue to blog post-Lobotome.