{ the spending diet... weeks 13 + 14 }

I think its a very good thing we live in a teeny tiny mountain town where there is not even a Target. We spent the past 2 weeks in cities. Target. Good food. Anthropologie. More good food. Concerts. Lululemon. Geez. Anyway, I managed SOME self-restraint but not enough. I bought Samme some new clothes for next school year at Marshalls (super duper cheap). I bought "hot mama" jeans from a store called hot mama and this top and this dress (which I love love love). I bought this shirt. And this jacket. I bought Henry a new basketball at Target. I bought copious amounts of good food and green smoothies from Whole Foods. I bought Ben Harper concert tix + beer (worth every penny - one of the best live shows we've seen). Dinner + movies on another date night (spoiled with a free babysitter aka grandma). Nieces ballet concert tickets. A trip + tickets to Waterworld. Yikes. Anyway, back home and planning on staying out of stores for the rest of the summer (other than a few back to school purchases for the kiddos in August). How have you all been doing? Have a great weekend ~

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