{ on my mind + menu }

1. On my mind...Japan.
2. The kids have been loving these blueberry muffins.
3. An impressive challenge.
4. On my menu this week... Spinach & Kale stuffed shells; this recipe; veggie quesadillas; homemade pizza; and salmon + asparagus rice bowls.
5. More tips on how to fit in a daily workout.
6. Love this chalkboard! Fun!
7. Love this chalkboard idea too for kids!
8. Great tips on purging your house of unwanted/unneeded stuff.
9. Cookie magazine (my fav parenting magazine ever) former editors new gig... momfilter....love it!
10. Love these children's prints!
10. Don't forget to order your LobotoME Mantra Cycling Jersey by the end of the day today! GO!

ps - Today's my mom's birthday! Happy Birthday Mama! We love you!

image via Vol 25

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