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So the thing I get asked to blog about the most is finances...which is hilarious since 1) that is clearly not my area of expertise and 2) I don't think I have ever balanced a checkbook. But it is something that we all have to think about and do something about, right? So, some $ things on my mind lately...

- Danielle LaPorte always gets me fired up about all sorts of good things. But her 20 personal money practices that got me to a place of grooving prosperity (and Part 2) are so great. My favorites include when she says that "Money Management is about FOCUSING ON CREATING FREEDOM." And her great bank account names include ADVENTURE + CARE and I'm setting my kid up for the future. She says that investing for her son "gives me very deep peace. Everyone deserves a leg up." LOVE! Go read the rest of her list now!

- Love this article about a family's No Spend Month. I have been reading lots of stuff like this in an attempt to get my frugal groove back ON after several months off the bandwagon.

- Love Joslyn's new project...Operation Simplicity. She will be blogging about everything she gets rid of and brings into her home over the next year.

- Loved this story about a family that bought a house with CASH. No mortgage. No debt. Voila.

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Joslyn said...

i love that reader's digest story!! very inspiring!