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Life has been insane lately my friends. And not all "good insane." I'm trying to recover from a variety of things that have happened over the past few weeks, all of which have caused us to pause, breathe and pray. A wild race; my gram ending up in the hospital with what they thought was a massive stroke (it wasn't and thank lord she is getting better); stress at work; the stomach flu; major dental work; etc....Anyway, onward + upward! This weekend was just what I needed...hot yoga, some baking time, dinner with friends, family movie night, church, etc...

Working on getting caught up this week and prepping for the holiday shipping season and taking care of myself and spending lots of time with the kiddos. In the meantime, here are a few things that have been inspiring me lately.

1. This post.
2. This book.
3. Love her wellness warrior list.
4. Speaking of lists, did you remember to vote for LobotoME goods for the Best 2011 eco-friendly organizing product? Mucho gracias!
5. Love everything about this post. A must read!
6. Love this interview with DesignMom.

What's on your mind + menu this week?

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karen★ said...

I really love that post too, I'm so glad you linked to it. It's definitely going to be one to go back to again & again.

How have I not voted yet? That's where I'm headed - RIGHT NOW!