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Things here have been hectic...good hectic, but still crazy nonetheless. I've got 2 massive holiday orders to ship to TCS, the National adventure race championship race to host, a halloween school party to plan, a website overhaul, etc. all by October 31st. Yup, that's how we roll.... Anyway, I may be a bit absent around here until early November....But, here's some stuff that's been on my mind + menu this week.

1.Worked all weekend on a website overhaul (its still not done, but take a peek - its coming along)...
2. Did you know I've got a LobotoME facebook page. Click here for it. Special discount coming soon to our Facebook & Twitter peeps.
3. Brain buzz on Bohemian Vegan.
4. In case you missed our hilarious ipad spoof video of our new MEpad.
5. Love SouleMama's "library" room.
6. Oh and can I tell you what an idiot I am? So, I'm at Target and trying on bathing suits for no particular reason other than they were all on sale for like $6. So I try on a small and it's too big. I'm thinking wow, the Tracy Anderson Method is working. So, I go out and get an XS and it fits but isn't tight. And I'm like wow and then hmmm.... Then I proceed to look at the tag inside and it says Liz Lange MATERNITY. yup. Great. I'm super excited that ME, not pregnant (never have been, never will be) fits into a XS MATERNITY bathing suit. I think I must work a bit harder at the TA 30Day Method, no? The story gets better because I BOUGHT it. It was cute and it fit. ;) Someone please tell me that an XS Maternity is the same as Small regular. Please?
7. More simple wisdom from Tara.
8. Love these spooktacular halloween drink printables (free) here.
9. With the fall weather, we've been eating lots of veggie chili, lentil soup, and with the large amount we've been working, lots of green smoothies, doing lots of crock pot meals (we call those meals "throw it in the pot in the morning and hope for the best" dinners).
10. I totally spaced posting this during September (National Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month) but as many of you know I am a 10 year (woohoo!) Stage 3C Ovarian Cancer survivor....here is a post about what happened to me & the symptoms. KNOW the symptoms.

Hope you are all having a great Fall! Only 2 1/2 more months until the new year! How are you doing with your 2010 resolutions? It's not too late to go after some of them! GO!

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Dawn said...

Just wanted to say a big CONGRATS to you for being 10 years cancer free:) That's worth celebrating!