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1. Love everything about this post...One Life To Live.
2. Making vats of this.
3. Love this post.
4. Like this idea of monthly mini goals.
5. I love how simple this daily mantra of Gabby Reece's is:
Get 7+ Hrs of Sleep
Eat Healthy Every 3 Hrs
Drink 50+ oz of Water
Move At Least 30+ Minutes
Take 15 Minutes For Yourself
Organize to Simplify
Appreciate + Love
6. Had fun making these.
7. We've been going to church (gasp!) and loving it. Really. And I'm thinking about a mission trip with the church in January to an orphanage in Kenya. Have to figure out how to leave my kiddos here for 10 days and and how to not smuggle any children from there back to here.
8. Been drinking this on days I can't find time to make a green juice.
9. On the menu this week - eating loads of peaches, big hearty salads, veggie quesidillas, mexican lasagna, lentil veggie soup using up all of the remaining veggies in the fridge at the end of the week.
10. Our family does a LOT of traveling for work + fun and we've made a discovery. Beauty is right here, close to us, right in America's backyard. You don't have to go abroad, you don't need to go to the most popular destination, you don't need to spend a lot of money. Get out there and enjoy the beautiful scenery and adventures that this country has. Life is too short to wait.
11. Love her life list.
12. Great kids educational apps- well-designed and pretty.
13. Zen Habits Brief Guide to Life.

Have a great week friends! GO!

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karen★ said...

~mmmm....peach jam.
~i'll watch your children while you're in kenya...& will you please bring me back one too?
~our state is absolutely beautiful. we are lucky blessed girls to live in such an amazing state.
~that life list is crazy amazing. i might have to rethink mine...although i'm a lot more fond of simplicity.
~i'm going to copy that guide from Zen Habits & put it on my mirror. i always forget to breathe!

Anonymous said...

I love the mantra!

Thank you so much for the link :-)

paula said...

missions are my favorite. haven't been on one since I was pregnant with ellie. one day soon though I hope.

Petit Elefant said...

thank you for the link.

mucho gusto!