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1. Won't you consider picking up some extra school supplies for Heather's school supply drive? Email me for her shipping address. She'll pack them all at the end of September and send them to kids in need in Guatemala.
2. Thanks Gabby/Design Mom fame for the MEpad love on Babble last week!
3. Love this post.... 50 photos to inspire a joyous + vibrant life!
4. Have I mentioned that Samme + I are going to volunteer one day a week for a different organization or program and learn about them and help them out. First up, the soup kitchen in town. I'm really looking forward to this commitment to volunteerism with her.
5. Love this post...Living in the Land of Enough...
6. Cried when I read this post.
7. Isn't she crafty?
8. Adore everything about this home, especially the master attic suite.
9. Been reading + devouring this.
10. MantraME poster love.
11. We had fun making these.
12. Made tons of this with plums from our friends plum tree! Yum.
13. Love his bucket list.
14. Love these after school convo cards.
15. And this right here is Trouble, spelled with a capital T. Especially as I embark on September's Spending Hiatus... (speaking of hiatus's I went 30 days pretty much with NO television).

image via ilovelife.


Anonymous said...

i'm not sure how you find all these links but I love them.

heather said...

Thank you SO MUCH for the mention!!! and can I say how much I love the volunteering idea with Samme!!!! That's something I would love to do with the kids, but can't ever seem to find places that will allow the kids to volunteer with us. Looking forward to hearing about your adventures in helping others! :-)

abc1243 said...

Thanks for the mention! This is a pretty awesome list as well :)

Wilcox Family said...

I LOVE the volunteering idea with Sammee. I'm going to start that with the boys... :) Keep us posted! xo Jana

karen★ said...

You have this completely wonderful way of making people just brighten up. No matter what, you always make me feel happy. Thank you.