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1. Honored to be a super special guest blogger on one of my very favorite sites, Crazy Sexy Life...musing about the necessity of ME-time. Check it out here.

2.Doesn't the crap in food just scare the crap out of you? If not, it should.

3. Thinking this bag might need to come home with ME.

4. Busy helping schools get geared up big time for our No Brainer Fundraising Program. Fall is a perfect time to do it as everyone needs a little (or a lot) of help on the organization front. Interested? Check out more information here.

5. So, now that all of the back to school stuff is purchased, I'm thinking of doing a NO Spend Month in September...I think fall is a good time to simplify and get organized and often not bringing anything else INTO the home helps with that. Anyone in?

6. Had a fun 'last weekend of the summer' camping trip this past weekend in the airstream. Pics of the remodel coming later this week.

7. Loving the fall transition back to more of a routine. Summer is one big fun free-for-all around here and I think we will all benefit from a bit more of a schedule.

8. The flooding in Pakistan. Sometimes it is so hard for me to go about my day + life when I think about how others are suffering...

9. Which leads me to wanting to do this sooner than later. I have this fear of leaving the kids and going to a 3rd world country to help other kids... What if something were to happen to me? I know most likely it wouldn't, but I still have this fear surrounding it. And yes, I know that worrying is manifesting what you don't want to happen to happen. I get the worry gene from my mother. :)

10. Made about 3 dozen veggie breakfast burritos for busy school mornings.

11. Made about 6 dozen mini, healthy zucchini muffins for busy school afternoons.

12. Great info on why green juice is so GOOD for you. My favorite recipe is apple, spinach, kale, cucumber, parsley & lemon. YUM. If you don't have a juicer go to your local Whole Foods and order one up.

Have a great week! GO!

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Anonymous said...

once again, loved this post. i've been thinking no spend september too. let's think about the details.

kirwin said...

I'm leaning towards joining the No Spend month in September; however, I've been urging DH to buy the kids some sleeping bags so that we can go camping. Here on the Central Coast, the weather is just getting awesome (for camping and other.) Could I join in and do a *personal* no-spend month?? I can't control what my husband does... ; )

My favorite green juice is kale, parsley, cucumber, and just a bit of oj. I tried adding apple once, and it was just awful!! maybe I had a bad apple? I don't know, but I had to *force* the green juice down that day.

I'm dying to see pics of the airstream project!! I told my husband about it, and he's also eager to see. Can't wait...

LobotoME said...

Hi Denise! I think I am going to do no spending on non-essentials for anyone in the family. Henry's 2nd bday is in Sept. so I will allocate some $ for a present for him but that's it, nothing above & beyond that amount. Joslyn is doing August as a no spend month on Simple Lovely - no shopping, no sugar & no alcohol. brave! ;)

LobotoME said...

Hi Kirwin...

Will post pics of the airstream later this week...

I think you must have had a bad apple because the apple juice just sweetens it up a bit....hmmm?

Yes, join in and do a personal no spend month...I think its great to force ourselves to appreciate what we have without bringing more stuff into the house! J :)

Anonymous said...

i was just thinking the same thing I may need to go public with it though to keep me accountable !!