{ earth week }

Next week's learning theme at home is Earth Week in celebration of Earth Day! Here's what we're going to do to celebrate, feel free to join in!

1) Pick up trash along a mile of the road we live on.
2) Create in the Happy Earth Day Coloring Book. Download here.
3) Read earth themed books from Library.
4) Watch Wall-E for family movie night.
5) Take a field trip to the dump & recycling center.
6) Make pine cone bird feeders.
7) Enjoy a gift of new little eco jot notebooks & colored pencils to tote along on a family hike.
8) A no-waste picnic in the yard this weekend.
9) Make Earth Day bars and these carrot snacks.
10) And possibly take an impromptu road trip to one of our favorite National Parks.
11) Sign this earth day pledge.


Anonymous said...

GREAT idea!! i was planning a craft with the girls for earth week ... but maybe, just maybe we'll make it theme week too!

great links and ideas ... thanks jenny!

amy and ann said...

im doing a little camp with the kids this summer on this and recycling and a bit more. great ideas, may take a few! amy