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I just got back from a quick trip to San Francisco for a school conference/tradeshow. SF is a fun city (I'm in love with the ferry building and the yerba buena gardens and found chinatown charming & cheerful even on a rainy afternoon) - and yes, i found lots of great cupcakes here, here and here. And yes, this morning I did p90x. ;) Anyway, I'm super fired up about our school + student fundraising program, especially after the great feedback we got from schools at the show...it reinforces that we are on the right track with helping families stay healthy + organized while raising money for school and program opportunities and needs.

Lots going on this week - tradeshow followups, catching up on emails, cleaning the house, unpacking, grocery shopping, etc. An easy and light meal plan for this week (lots of salads, rice & beans, etc.) as we ate lots (and I do mean lots) of yummy food in SF, like oysters from here and lobster sandwiches from here.

Oh, and the spending hiatus. oops. ;) Actually, I did SO great in San Francisco - I even browsed great stores like anthropologie (3 levels of amazing goodness), forever 21 (crowded), etc. and didn't buy ONE thing. I honestly felt overwhelmed by the mass consumerism coupled with the homelessness we witnessed. I just kept thinking, I don't need this. Cute, but I don't need it. I scored great freebies at the tradeshow for the kids (a butterfly garden, earth bouncing ball, glow in the dark pens, etc.) so I figured that would suffice for gifts for them upon my arrival home. But then I saw THIS in the window at a shop in the airport. And I walked by. I didn't go in. I resisted. But then about 15 minutes before we boarded, I ran back and bought it. Will even said, "we'll that's a jenny bag." yes it is. Anyway, between the new bag & the cupcakes, that's a lot of confessing this week. (oh, i should mention that even though i brought all of the p90x dvd's with me, I didn't do them once. We walked and walked and walked all around the city but that was it in terms of exercising.)

So this week is about starting fresh - starting over with my commitment to p90x, starting fresh with a clean & healthy refrigerator, starting over with a manageable workload, starting fresh with the spending hiatus.

ps - Arianna Huffington of the huffington post fame was the keynote speaker at the conference and she was amazing...even those that don't agree with her politically found her charming, witty, uber-intelligent and super inspiring. I took notes and will share more later this week but it focused on the importance of raising your kids to have empathy and to have a solid understanding of the importance of being global citizens. I also started her new book, on becoming fearless in love, life + work which I'm loving. It's about how to raise fearless daughters in this crazy world.

Have a GREAT week my friends! GO!

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Jeanette said...

I think your bag purchase will be all that much sweeter because of all the other things you "resisted". It's all about balance.

karen said...

So happy you arrived safe and sound & that you were able to buy something cute for yourself! Sounds like the trip was a success!

Tina said...

You go gurl...busy and productive.

paula said...

sounds like a great trip. I need to get back to spinning. Maybe today will be the day.

Dawn said...

Just wanted to say "hi"...love your blog and your designs :) Sounds like your trip was amazing!

Nathan said...

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