{ fit ME challenge - week 5 }

Ugh. No, what I meant to say was GO! But, kind of ugh. I honestly thought that it would be EASIER by now. That I would be BOUNCING out of bed at 5AM ready to get my p90x ON! But, I have to drag myself out of bed and yesterday I just flat out turned the alarm off and went back to sleep. I missed 2 workouts last week (week) due to the little guy getting 4 molars in at once and not sleeping for 2 nights in a row. I ate chocolate the other day. A lot of it. And I just discovered that this cupcake store is a few blocks from my hotel (for an upcoming work trip to San Francsico). PEOPLE, I DO NOT have that much self-control. There WILL be cupcakes consumed.

Anyway, I'm trying to remind myself that all good things come to those who WORK at them. And I'm really hoping to get back into the workout groove at 5AM on Monday! GO! So, who's still with ME on this?

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amy and ann said...

gosh I am failing right now TOO! what is it about life and goals. Busy kicks in!! I hate it. We are SELLING our house in 2 wks and are remodeling 2 bathrooms right now and life got NUTS so ofcourse my workouts have been restricted..and teh snow isnt helping here. OH the excuses. I MUST get back to feeling better and working out. UGH. I need inspiration. Send me a photo of linda hamiltons arms from term 2 and maybe I will pop back into it! Ha ha!!! I will....maybe today. amy

TamiJean said...

I am! I am a "bad" P90x'er, in that I don't do the schedule. I don't expect to get the same results, either, so I feel like Tony and I have an understanding. I'm not allowed to complain about my results, and he still promises to kick my butt for me when I put the discs in. My results are up to ME.

Which means that yesterday was grocery shopping instead of pushups, and I had some spoonfuls of this delicious mess made by a friend which has fudge, chocolate, caramel, and cashews.

It also means that the day before yesterday was the full kenpo disc (curse you, frog pose!) and today will probably be the pushups I've been avoiding.

Most days have at least a square of chocolate for me (dark, expensive chocolate so I'm only slightly tempted to shove the whole thing in my mouth and make cookie monster noises). Baby steps are the way I get things done, and I've found that giving my body and diet ultimatums only results in tantrums. Most days ALSO have a healthy salad with a light hand at applying the dressing.

It's give and take, for me.

I would totally have a cupcake. =]

karen said...

The fact that you have a child with teeth coming in completely excuses you from real life. You should feel free to give yourself a couple of days off, eat chocolate (please eat some for me), & cupcakes! (especially since the shop is not even close to where you live!) You'll get your motivation back...I'm not with you on the P90x...but I do support you! Does that work?

Tina said...

Its all to much computer to little exercise around here...Hang in there.

Whatever Dee-Dee wants said...

Even though I am not doing P90X these posts motivate me! Thanks :)

paula said...

you are doing awesome. This weekend I had two wild meals that included bread, ha! i qas sure to spin it out though.