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This weeks goal is to organize your health stuff! Medical records, insurance papers, doctors numbers - this information should always be easily accessible.

1) Put all of your doctors numbers into your cell phone and post on a bulletin board at home for caregivers. Also enter in an ICE (In case of Emergency) contact info into your cell phone.

2) Schedule annual appointments - One of the things I do each January is schedule all of my annual appointments for April (my birthday month) - I get them all out of the way in one month - eye exam, annual pelvic exam, mammogram, dentist, skin cancer screening, bloodwork, oncologist visit, etc.)

3) Create a filing system - I have a folder on my desk for each family member that has medical records, bloodwork results (to keep track of how they've changed over time), the kids immunization records and our immunizations for international travel. And then I have a folder for our family health insurance plan, bills, policy notifications, etc.

Here are some recommended tests and the ages for which they are recommended for found via WebMD. (note - other than for all of my annual screenings, I aim to NOT go to the doctors office by staying healthy! We do have a family doctor and a naturopath doc we see if we get sick. We also have a family eye doctor and a family dentist. I get colon cleanses done once every few months and Will sees an accupuncturist when needed. Staying healthy is the key. Preventative care is the key.)

Blood pressure Measurement (at least once every 2 years): _______
Cholesterol Test (starting at age 20, at least every 5 years): _______
Blood Glucose Test (starting at age 45, then every 3 years): _______
Thyroid Test (starting at age 35, then every 5 years): _______
Eye Exam (every 2 years or as needed): _______
Skin exam (every years. also do a monthly self-exam for any changes to moles, etc.): ______
Dental Exam & Cleaning (once a year): _______
Colonoscopy: (starting at age 50, every 5-10 years): _____
Breast Exam: (at annual exam in addition to monthly self exams): ______
Pap Test & Pelvic Exam (starting when sexually action, annually): _______
Mammogram (starting at ach 40 or sooner if at elevated risk): _______
STD Screening (starting when sexually active, annually): _______

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Maggie Sumner said...

Thanks again for the book I won and your lists! I'm sure they will all aid in the Great Purge!

Carbzilla said...

Curious about the colon cleanses - you must be seeing/feeling results if you go regularly. Any advice for a first-timer? (You can PM me if you have a moment)

Betsy Talbot said...

I schedule all my appointments for my birthday month, too!

We've just started getting shots and checkups for our upcoming travels, and one thing I regret is not keeping better medical records. I had to have my mom fax me a copy of my immunizations, and I can't find the cat's immunization record either. Being more organized around this very important area would make my life a lot easier.

6512 and growing said...

Thanks for the ever-flowing fountain of great ideas!

amy and ann said...

We are SOoooo on the same wave girl. So, today I took off my p90x bc well I fasted all night and did all my annual bloodwork/physical stuff today for three long hours... and then, well ate bc I was starving!! so took a day off. How about you? I am starting hot yoga tomorrow!!!! 3 days a week with my man..so excited and wondering how p90x will fit in with this? I think I do before yoga so I do not hurt myself...will be asking the pro's!

karen said...

i loved this one! what a great idea to schedule all appts. for your birthday month...looks like I'll have all mine done in April too! um...what's a colon cleanse?

*you definitely do not need to know that Kris Allen was the winner of the last American Idol. it's probably healthier that you don't know. unfortunately my poor husband, who is not a fan, does know...so count yourself lucky!*

LobotoME said...

see the comments in this post about colon cleansing...

LobotoME said...

Hi Amy - I love hot yoga and if i lived closer to a studio I would go more often - I try to go once a week (I replace yogaX with it). You could also replace one of the upper body workouts and maybe the core workout? Doing both 3x a week might be a bit much? I have done Stretch X and Kickboxing or Yoga class & Kenpo but only one time per week (doubling up).

LobotoME said...

Hi Karen - Glad to know who he is - sometimes I feel out of it when it comes to that - I should read People more! ;)

ps- see this post & comments section about colon cleanses - http://lobotomeblog.blogspot.com/2009/05/time-to-cleanse-bloom.html