{ keep calm + carry on aka i'm not going to freak out }

So, as many of you know, we've got a lot going on around here these days - 2 kids, 3 businesses, 2 work from home parents, etc....We travel a lot for work + play and the other day we sat down to set our 2010 calendar (Adventure Xstream race dates, ZOIK promotional events, LobotoME tradeshows, family reunions, wedding trips, trips to visit family, fun trips, etc). And you would not believe how FULL our calendar is for a year, a decade, that hasn't even begun yet. So my first instinct was to bemoan our crazy lives and freak out like in picture above and wonder how we were to stay sane amidst TWENTY trips/events/festivals/conferences/tradeshows, etc.... But then I took a step back and looked at how FILLED our calendar is with adventure! Moab, New York City, San Francisco, Mexico, etc. With opportunities to travel as a family, grow our businesses, to do what we love. With trips to see loved ones. With amazing educational opportunities for the kids. A calendar filled (to the brim) with LIFE + ADVENTURE. I mean, my calendar will be empty someday when I'm in a grave, right? But, for now, while I'm ALIVE, it is filled with ADVENTURE & OPPORTUNITY. So, that was my big shift in perspective. I'm hoping to hold on to it as I go through yet another Pack ME notepad in one year.

How can you change your perspective to make a daunting thing look like an opportunity instead?

Samme singing "twinkle, twinkle little star" at the finish line of one of the races when she was 3!


Carbzilla said...

That sounds like an AWESOME year! I hope you get to savor every minute of it!

Happy Cool Year!

Desiree said...

That's a great way of looking at it! I wish we could have some of those adventures, we never travel anywhere cool!