{ this is your brain on twilight.... }

Since this is a blog about {brains} & you all know my current level of obsession with a certain YOUNG, hot vampire, I thought I'd share this great article I came across about Robert Pattinson's effect on woman's brains and the insanity that ensues.... And yes, I do have tickets to the midnight show tonight of New Moon. And the 6:00pm show tomorrow. And yes, my husband mocks me. ;)


Bri said...

I originally found you via a blog post about the Twilight-inspired notepad. Just wanted to say that your hubs can mock all he wants. At midnight tonight, none of that will matter ;o) I'll be squeeing right along with you, lol.

Desiree said...

I also originally found you through searching for an Edward-themed gift for my sister in law. I'm so glad I did! I don't get to go to the midnight show, but I am going tomorrow. Have fun!