{ school fundraisers }

I know a lot of you have school aged children and I've been getting involved in Sam's schools PTA program. One of the things that I was surprised about it is the "crap" - and I say that in the nicest way possible - that they sell to raise money for the school. I am all about raising money for the school but I don't want candy bars, glow sticks or Barbie books. So, I am working with Sam's school to sell LobotoME goods. I am selling them to the school for the wholesale price and the school makes a great margin (way better margins that a candy bar being sold for $1.00). The pads were warmly received as they help parents be more organized.

So, I'm curious if any of you are interested in bringing the LobotoME goods to your PTA? If so, let me know and I can send you or the PTA committee a catalog, order form (listing the wholesale prices) and a sample. Orders over $250 receive free shipping too!

And to sweeten the deal, if you bring your school on board, I'll send you a special gift too! :)


TJ said...

man, wish they sold your stuff at our school. so far, all they have sold is crap!!! i'm starting to HATE school fundraisers, and my son is only in first grade.

Moni Rose said...

i'm not in a PTA .. but I think it's a fabulous idea.
USEFUL things instead of overpriced suckers and candy bars!

Kotori said...

I love this idea... you are so right about the crap the PTA sells. I will shoot you an email so you can send me some info. I'd love to pass this along to my PTA! Genius!