{ hoME again, hoME again }

Sorry for the lack of posting...It's been a good week here, despite some bumps in the road. After weeks of going-going-going, we've been slowly resettling back in and slowing back down and trying to catch up with mundane tasks (weeding, accounting, recycling, etc.)

Don't get me wrong, I enjoy short seasons of excitement and adventure, but I always love coming back to our quiet, peaceful home and routine. We've been diving into some yard projects and enjoyed a morning at the farmers market. This week, I'm itching to take back up my work in the garden, do more experimenting in the kitchen, spend more time playing and reading with the kids, and treasuring every last moment of summer with my sweet little girl who is starting kindergarten in a few weeks... :(

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Anonymous said...

oh, I so get this one. Time away from home is great but coming home is sometimes better. I know - school is in three weeks!! I'm not ready.