{ we're nuts for kokopax }

I've had the pleasure of testing out this baby carrier from Kokopax that I am in love with...In the past I've tried slings, the baby bjorn, the snugli backpack and the ergo baby carrier. My fav carrier prior to discovering the Kokopax was the ergo, because I could have Henry on my back...He is just getting too big to have on the front of me. But with ergo I literally had to watch the online video 10x to figure out how to use it properly. The design of the Kokopax is simple, the fabric options are totally hip, the padded shoulder straps are comfy, and it is super lightweight so not only is it easy and simple to get on, it is great to take on trips. {The only thing I wish it had was a waist belt, but it still works great without.} They also make adorable totes, sun hats and other accessories...Use coupon code lobo2009 to receive a 10% discount on any order from Kokopax.

Kokopax was started in 2007 with the classic framed backpack carrier, modernized with chic materials. Designer and creator (and mom of 4), Sarah Spoor, was in need of a hands free solution to carry her babies while cooking, caring for her other children, tending to household activities and moving about regular life. The Kokopax classic carrier was designed first. The Blakely Tote came soon after, using the same stylish materials - it is a lightweight gorgeous alternative to the bulky diaper bags we have gotten used to seeing. The children’s sun hat and organic monkey attachment for the carrier are the latest additions with the Kokopax name and are meant to complement the existing products. Use coupon code lobo2009 to receive a 10% discount on any order from Kokopax.


PS~Erin said...

It's so fashionably cute too! I had a sling with my (not so) little guy and loved it, until he outgrew it. I picked up a backpack carrier on clearance at TRU (for $3.90!). It's less than comfy, but made it possibly to go hiking with the family before little guy started insisting on hiking too. THis one looks like it could have been much more compliant with my needs. Great review!

Haven and Home said...

Don't have kids yet but I will have to remember this!