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I recently read Christina Pirello's new book, This Crazy Vegan Life. The author, host of the PBS show Christina Cooks, is up in arms about the American diet and the effect it is having on our health. While I am not vegan (I love eggs too much), I do prepare a lot of vegan recipes. I am also astounded daily by the crap people put into their bodies (and their childrens bodies). To quote from her book, "When you're at the local mall, how many of the people you see are truly vital, alert and physically fit? How many have clear eyes, firm, glowing skin, gorgeous hair and a healthy body of normal size? Not many, sadly." Her book entails information on what to eat and how to cook it along with a 21-day meal plan.

Anyway, onto our meal plan for the week:

Monday - flat iron steak, big salad, roasted veggies ~ our anniversary and Will's requested dinner
Tuesday - at birthday party &/or leftovers
Wednesday - grilled chicken w/ roasted veggie sauce (using leftovers) and salad
Thursday - at friends house for dinner
Friday - chicken orzo dish with feta cheese (using leftover chicken) & arugula salad
Saturday - Nie Nie's Tofu stir fry with brown rice
Sunday - Salmon, brown rice (leftover), edamame

Breakfasts - eggs, multi-grain toast OR green smoothies and using kale from garden & healthy banana bread (I made a big batch on Sunday)
Lunches - turkey, avacado & tomato sandwiches, apples OR smoothies & fresh veggies & hummus
Snacks - homemade granola, apples, carrots, plums
Salads - red lettuce, butter lettuce, spinach, mixed greens & arugula from the garden


dmoms said...

I think I found Nie Nie's recipes through you. thank you for that. We have been making her WW waffles for breakfast. Her story is so incredible.

The comment about the mall. so agree. Our society is in a sad state of health - well, except you and I of course : )

LobotoME said...

hi denise! your comment cracked me up this morning! as I was juicing my green juice i was giggling that most people would not dare to drink it because it is green & unknown but people think nothing of eating god knows what from mcdonalds. have a great day! j :)

Miss A said...

we are so on the same pg. love goingthrough changes knowing there are other people out there going through the same things. I need to go get a juicer!!

simplesong said...

big yum + thanks for sharing!

Kristen's Raw said...

I'm a big fan of Christina's. I love watching her show. She's adorable.